About Melo Lima Fotografia

Melo Lima Fotografia was born from my love of meeting people and analyzing different ways of being through photography. Knowing this, I have in mind capturing moments with a documentary basis, that is, I try to let people show their personality in order to get genuine traces of them at the stage of life where they are. From this essential basis, I creatively explore different situations to highlight people’s best features.

I see Wedding days and photoshoots as moments for people to abstract themselves from their daily routine and to recall the most beautiful feelings they have about themselves and their loved ones.

About Mariana

fotógrafo de casamento no Porto
Hello, I’m Mariana Melo Lima.
I will tell you a little about me and the reasons that led me to dedicate myself completely to photography.
From an early age, I was observant and creative. I spent hours drawing, reading stories, watching films and exploring the countryside where I still live today.  At school, I’ve always felt more comfortable studying subjects that allowed my imagination to flow better.  This is why I chose a degree in Sound and Image at university because I loved the idea of studying cinema, photography and other forms of art, as well as writing and Philosophy.
2011 was a crucial year. I did Erasmus in Plymouth, UK, where I was tremendously happy and was able to dedicate myself to documentary photography. I had discovered my passion. The following year I did a master’s degree in Fine Art Photography. Since then, I dedicate myself to doing portrait and wedding photography.
I can’t imagine another job that makes me feel so grateful. I love the adrenaline of constantly meeting new people and different places. I love the challenge of being able to capture the essence of each one. I shoot in a natural way and with a lot of feeling.
My presence is calm and discreet but enthusiastic about the moments I witness. I climb the highest cliff and kneel on the soaked grass to have an unique image. The most important thing will always be to get the best and most unforgettable out of the people I photograph.

Essential for Mariana

My love Artur
80's music and fashion
European Cinema
Pink colour
Home decoration